1.  The New Wave Folk Dancing resources are a comprehensive guide to teaching traditional dances from a range of cultures around the world. I have had the opportunity to use the New Wave Folk Dancing kits across our school ranging from New Entrants through to Year 8 students and children of all ages thoroughly enjoy participating in these highly engaging, inclusive and fun dance routines. The New Wave Folk Dancing kits include comprehensive notes, music and demonstration videos to clearly model each dance routine – making it such a user friendly resource for teachers of all levels of experience teaching dance. I highly recommend New Wave Folk Dancing for any teacher who wishes to incorporate fun and engaging dance activities into their classroom programme. – Racheal Carter, Arthur St School, Dunedin

2.  We first discovered the “New Wave Folkdancing” resources almost twenty years ago. I have been involved in teaching folkdance to home-educated young people in the South Auckland area through the years since then. From that first edition, it has been a gold mine of a resource for us. So much fun!

As I prepared for a new term of folkdance with over fifty children enrolled in our once-a-week sessions, I decided to treat myself to a new copy. And this newer edition, with more information and new dances added, is even better. 

I love the videos of the dances, as I find it easier to learn a folkdance by watching it danced than by just reading instructions. The dances have been well-videoed, to make it very clear how they can be danced. The music is toe-tapping, get-up-and-go, genuinely good dance-band music, well-paced for each skill level. The background given in the instruction manual for a lot of the dances helps to put them in their cultural and historical context, which adds interest for the students and makes it a more holistic educational tool.

A great resource for dancers from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience. Invaluable!

Sheryl Aiken
Franklin Home Educators Auckland

Sheryl adds:

By the way, I have led folkdancing at several celebrations (twenty-firsts, a fiftieth, and a wedding as well) of graduates/parents of our classes. They obviously have group dancing as a wonderful memory. Such a buzz!

3.  The teachers at my school and at all age levels are loving your NWFD on the stick.  They love being able to see the dances and the clear instructions and it has made folk dance so much easier for everyone involved.

– Kelly Madden, Omata School, Taranaki