Album #4

Showpieces of Many Cultures


This teaching resource contains a video of each dance (here is an example), recorded music to dance to (here is an example), and a pdf book giving the dance instructions, song words, useful notes, and much fascinating information (here is a sample page).


Alunelul (Romania)

Les Batons (Auvergne, France)

La Boulangère (Paris, France)

Les Ceintures (south-west France)

Chau Pi Chong Ten Zen (Taiwan)

Dalmatian Kolo Suite (New Zealand)

Dandiya Raas (India)

Dorset Four-Hand Reel (England)

Hasaposerviko (Greece)

Jai Ho (Bollywood style, India)

Morris Dancing (England)

Cotswold-style Entry

Rorke’s Drift (Cotswolds)

Jenny Lind (Cotswolds)

Maypole Dancing (England)


The Barber’s Pole

The Closed Plait

The Spider’s Web

Mayim Mayim (Israel)

Oxdance (Sweden)

La Raspa (Mexico)

Samokovsko Horo (Bulgaria)

Sofa Hunter’s Dance (Guinea, West Africa)

Tinikling (Philippines)

Wandering Drummer (Scottish Country Dance)

These dances make particularly good showpieces for their cultures, but could be enjoyed purely for the participants’ fun.

Of special note, the book of this Album has a unique four-page study of the Auckland Dalmatians’ Kolo Dancers and their Suite, including its development and its social context.

A small historical book written to accompany this collection integrates the dances and their elements into the social and developmental story. The whole offers a lively textbook for Dance Studies or a Rough Guide for exploration by individual enthusiastic youngsters.