Album #3

For tens, teens, and adults


This teaching resource contains a video of each dance (here is an example), recorded music to dance to (here is an example), and a pdf book giving the dance instructions, song words, teaching tips, and much fascinating information (here is a sample page).


All-American Promenade, with American music – aka La Chapelloise, with French music

La Bastringue (French Canada)

Les Saluts (French Canada)

En Dro Retourné (West Brittany, France)

Avant-Deux de Travers (East Brittany, France)

Geh Mer Net (Alsace, France)

The Waves of Tory (Ireland)

Come to the Ceilidh (Scottish Country Dance)

The Storm (Scottish Country Dance)

Strip the Willow (Scotland and England)

Lucky 7 (England, from Denmark via USA)

Heel-Toe Polka (Europe)

To learn the Turning Polka

Cherkessia Kfula (Israel)

Od Lo Ahavti Dai (Israel)

Louisiana Saturday Night (USA)

Marching through Georgia (USA)

Haste to the Wedding (England)

Dunedin Festival Dance (Anglo-Scottish)

Moi Muzhunjka Rabotjazhunjka (Russia)

Seljančica (Serbia & Croatia) – aka Cigo

Muiñeira (Galicia, Spain)

Ying Bin Wu (Taiwan)

Without duplication it was impossible to group together all the dances enjoyed by each particular age-level – there are items in the other albums that will also be fun for teens and adults. And while items in Album #4 are presented as good showpieces, they could equally well have been included just for fun. The reverse is also true.