Album #2

For children 7 to 10 years


This teaching resource contains a video of each dance (here is an example), recorded music to dance to (here is an example), and a pdf book giving the dance instructions, song words, teaching tips, and fascinating material for understanding, discussion and creativity (here is a sample page).


The Grand March (International)

El Patio de mi Casa (Spain)

La Farandole (Provence – and elsewhere)

Seven Jumps (W. Europe – Alsace version)

Men’s Grape-Squashing Dance (France)

Kačerak (Croatia)

Pour Passer le Rhône (France)

La Cardeuse (French Canada)

Ninepins Quadrille (England)

Follow the Leader (England)

The New Harp (Wales)

La Chèvre (Berry, France)

Simi Yadech (Israel)

Tzena Tzena (Israel)

The Sheep Game (Wales)

Shepherds’ Hey (Cotswolds, England)

Jibidi (France – re-made by a witty Finn)

Pattycake Polka (USA)

The Jiffy Mixer (USA)

Hopa Hey (Israel)

Savila Se Bjela Loza (Serbia)

A Uni (Poland – Singing Playgrounds repertoire)

Penguins (unknown – Singing Playgrounds)

El Costillar (Chile)

Muckle Flugga (Scottish Country Dance)

Su Ji (Taiwan)

Poonto Poonto (Greece)

Minushka (Russian style, Femke van Doorn)

Learning the Buzz Step/Down Rida Step

NB. A choice of music is given for dancing La Farandole:

Tunes traditional for this dance in Provence

Music of a folk group in the Basque Country, not intended for farandoling but ideal for it.